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Welcome to one of Norway's best diving destinations

Gulen Dive Resort is located at the entrance to one of the world's most spectacular fjords, and travel destination.

The nature offers the same spectacular adventures under water as above. Gulen Dive Resort is Norway's leading dive Destiansjon, and have visitors from all around the world.

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Norway at its best!

Nudibranch Safari 2014
The Nudibranch Safari is more popular than ever, and 2013 was fullybooked in record time. To please all the nudibranch lovers out there, we now announce TWO safari weekends in March 2014

Read more about the safarie here

Pheriphylla Pheriphylla safari January 2014
Periphylla safari" runs over a long weekend, and you get to experience this wonderful  "PERPHYLLA PERIPHYLLA" that normally live in very deep water down to several thousand meters of depth.

Read more about the safarie here

Wreck expedition 2014
Experience top wreck diving on the time of year that visibility gives the best experience

Read more about the expedition here


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